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Disclaimer : Actual products may slightly vary in appearance to those displayed on this website.
Jetmaster( Jet master ) manufactures a large range of high quality fireplaces and braais ( barbeques, barbecues, bbq ). The range includes wood and gas fireplaces which can be built in ( BIB ) or free standing. Jetmaster retails the well known Amesti and UK Built-in units. We specialise in super efficient slow combustion stoves, vented or vent free. Our accessories include durable flues, cowls and firescreen. Units are made from tough iron and steel with parts that need to withstand the heat made from long lasting stainless steel. We manufacture portable and built in braais which have been designed to cater for catering, cooking and family functions. Our barbeques use gas, charcoal or wood ( firewood ). Our braais are perfect for gilling meat, baking bread, slow cooking stews, preparing delicious potjiekos, chicken or beef, grilling a lamb on the spit, or frying saute mushrooms, onions and other vegetables as well as heating water. Maintenance is reduced by our easy to clean designs and foldup doors which can be closed to prevent the weather, dust and rubbish from entering the braai. Our braais can also double up as a heat source while they are less effective than our dedicated fireplaces. The rate of combustion is optimised across our range of products so that feeding the fire with logs is kept to a minimum. We have open fires, enclosed grille grates, closed ducted fire which use our patented designs to ensure that heat output is maximized while remaining safe. Our fireplaces come in handy no matter what the season, whether Summmer, Winter, Autumn or spring. If it is cold and raining, there is nothing better than to gather around a nice warm fire and hear the cackle of the burning logs. This has more character than central heating or electric solutions. It is the enjoyed natural solution. Our products have easy to use controls with some of our gas units featuring remote controls while safety is guaranteed by our automatic cut-off systems. May the depressing cold be a thing of the past and introduce comfortable warmth into your home. Invite friends, associates and family around to share the Jetmaster experience. our premium products will last for many years and are good investment for improving the value of your house. Enhance your lifestyle today. Our branches and distributors are found across South Africa, in the Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, KZN, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, the free State, North, North West province and the Eastern Cape. Don't forget to look at our range of pizza ovens. Ideal for home cooking, restaurant, hotel or bed and breakfast use. Our products are easily installed and if you have any queires or need help, our technicians are on standby to assist. Contact us today for a free quotation
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